The most crucial aspects of any audio engineer's signal chain are world-class monitoring, top of the line conversion, and mastering grade processors. The Plasmid Sound studio consists of both analog and digital equipment for the 'best of both worlds' sound. No compromises have been made while choosing the right equipment and building the studio.

At Plasmid Sound the equipment has been carefully chosen to best handle every possible task, from corrections, compression and restoration, to equalization, limiting and sonic enhancements of all types. The gear at Plasmid Sound is utilized to make your music sound its absolute best.

The Room & Sound Absorption Insulation

My Plasmid Sound room was designed as a true acoustic reference environment in full compliance with the technical specifications of GIK Acoustics US. Almost every aspect of the studio including loudspeakers, QRD and Skyline diffusers placing and listening point correct positioning has been designed with great care. This has ensured that Plasmid Sound is a fantastic sounding room with near outstanding acoustic linearity and reflection free zone (RFZ): reflections within the first 15 to 20 milliseconds after the direct sound hits the ears, should be below about -15 dB.

It is also a listening environment free from distractions; not a single fan, resonant transformer or other noise source is audible in the room. The mastering console has been specially designed not to obstruct acoustic flow while diverting any direct reflections. This extreme attention to detail has resulted in an incredibly clear sound and an extremely objective and intuitive, well balanced listening environment.




  • BURL AUDIO B2 Bomber ADC AD convertor www
  • LYNX Aurora 16(n) Multi channel AD-DA convertor www
  • APOGEE Ensemble audio interface DA/AD converter with UV22HR™ dither technology www
  • EVE AUDIO SC407 4-way active studio monitors www
  • KLEIN & HUMMEL O300 * active studio monitors www
  • BEYER DYNAMIC DT-150 closed dynamic studio headphone www
  • TUBE-TECH SSA 2B Stereo Summing Amplifier * studio analog summing www
  • DANGEROUS D-Box studio analog summing / monitoring control system / DAC www


  • APPLE Macintosh 2.5GHz i7 16GB RAM
  • MOTU Digital Performer 9.5 DAW software www
  • AURCHITECT AUDIO Triumph software www
  • METRIC HALO SpectraFoo signal metering and analysis software www
  • MCI JH 110C 1/4" 2-track * 2-track 1/4" high speed (15 & 30 ips) studio tape recorder
  • TASCAM CD01U Pro studio CD player with digital out www


  • CHANDLER LIMITED Cermanium * compressor (x2, sequential matched pair) www
  • CHANDLER LIMITED Zener Limiter compressor / limiter www
  • TFPRO P38EX * mastering M/S stereo compressor / limiter www
  • TUBE-TECH CL 2A tube dual compressor / limiter www
  • MANLEY Variable MU tube stereo compressor / limiter www
  • API 2500 stereo compressor / limiter with link mode www
  • EMPIRICAL LABS Distressor * digitally controlled analog compressor with analog distortion / warmth (x2, sequential matched pair) www
  • EMPIRICAL LABS Fatso * stereo compressor, full analog tape simulator & optimizer www
  • RETRO INSTRUMENTS Sta-Level * tube compressor / limiter www
  • RUPERT NEVE PORTICO 542 Tape Emulator true tape emulator with variable Silk/Texture control (x2, sequential matched pair) in EMPIRICAL LABS ELI-500 chassis www
  • VINTECH AUDIO 609CA * 2-channel class A compressor / limiter www
  • CHANDLER LIMITED TG2 * pre / D.I. / line driver www


  • API 5500 stereo/dual mono 550B EQs with range switch www
  • API 550A * discrete 3 band EQ (x2, sequential matched pair) in EMPIRICAL LABS ELI-500 chassis www
  • AMS NEVE 8803 * stereo parametric mastering equalizer with digital recall www
  • MANLEY Massive Passive stereo tube parametric equalizer www
  • CRANE SONG Ibis * stereo parametric equalizer www
  • TFPRO TDE P9 * 2-channel mastering equalizer with stepped control (Trident A-Range topology) www
  • VINTECH AUDIO X81 EQ / pre / D.I. / line driver (Neve 1073/1081) (x2, sequential matched pair) www
  • CHANDLER LIMITED TG Channel MKII * EQ / pre / D.I. / line driver (EMI TG12410 Transfer Console) (x2, sequential matched pair) www
  • GREAT RIVER MAQ-2NV * stereo parametric equalizer (classic British 1081/1083-type design) www
  • RETRO INSTRUMENTS 2A3 stereo dual program EQ (true passive Pultec-type design) www
  • CUSTOM AUDIO GERMANY µ-HDE-250A Revision C 2-channel parametric mastering equalizer with M/S option (Sontec MEP-250EX custom made edition) www


  • EVENTIDE Eclipse 4 harmonizer effects processor www
  • EVENTIDE 2016 * studio reverb processor www
  • TC ELECTRONIC FireworX effects processor www
  • YAMAHA SPX2000 * effects processor www
  • TC ELECTRONIC M3000 studio reverb processor www
  • TC ELECTRONIC PowerCore 6000 DSP * DSP mastering processor www
  • LEXICON PCM 91 studio reverberator www


  • MOOG MF-101 Moogerfooger analog lowpass filter (x2, matched pair) www
  • MOOG MF-102 Moogerfooger analog ring modulator www
  • MOOG MF-103 Moogerfooger analog 12-stage phaser www
  • MOOG MF-104 Moogerfooger analog delay www
  • MOOG EP-3 expression pedal www
  • RADIAL Pro D2 stereo direct box www
  • TECH 21 SansAmp PSA 1.1 * programmable analog guitar / bass amplifier and cabinet emulation processor www
  • SPL Transient Designer 2 analog envelope processor www
  • AKAI PRO MPK88 professional performance keyboard midi controller with MPC production controls www
  • VOX AC30 CC1 tube combo amplifier www
  • IBANEZ ArtStar AS200 semi-hollow body electric guitar www
  • CYCLONE ANALOGIC Bass Bot TT-303 analog synth (TB303) www
  • ROLAND SH-01A ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) synth www
  • ROLAND JP-08 ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) synth www
  • ROLAND JU-06 ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) synth www
  • CHARTER OAK ACOUSTICS E700 FET * dual large diaphragm solid state condenser mic (center terminated, gold sputtered, Mylar diaphragms) www
  • AEA R84 Large Ribbon Geometry (LRG) ribbon microphone www
  • PELUSO 2247LE * large diaphragm tube condenser microphone www
  • SHURE Beta 58A supercardioid dynamic microphone www


  • cables wiring MOGAMI, VOVOX, ZAOLA, APOGEE Wyde Eye connecting NEUTRIK splitters RADIAL ENGINEERING with Jensen transformers D.W. FEARN LP-1 passive line pad
* - available optionally.